July 25, 2019

You need to be who you are with whomever you want to form any kind of authentic relationship. Including—and most especially—yourself.

July 15, 2019

There can be no technical success in any endeavor without first achieving full energetic connection. This is why people who love their fields and their jobs are so much more effective than people who decide to do a job for the money.

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This website does not provide services to individuals who are in crisis or experiencing thoughts of harming themselves or others.  

If you are in crisis or believe you are in danger, please contact your local hospital emergency department or local police department.

In the USA, emergency services may be accessed by dialing 911 on a telephone and conveying your location to the dispatcher.

If you do not have access to local crisis services or do not wish to use them,  in the USA the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline may be called at 1-800-273-8255 at any time.  https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org offers chat service, including services for the deaf and hard of hearing. In the state of Iowa, Foundation 2 provides crisis support for adults and youth at 1-800-332-4224 or 319-362-2174, or through their website https://foundation2.org. Connection Is, LLC does not maintain these websites or services and accepts no responsibility

for the quality of services provided by these organizations.

Information provided on this website is educational in nature and not meant as treatment, or to treat or cure any ailment or diagnosis. Use of this website and exchange of email, telephone or teleconference communication is not meant to establish a therapeutic relationship between Anne Lindyberg or Connection Is, LLC.


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